Exchange programs offer various benefits to Host Employers, however the required paperwork could be challenging. That is why we help Host Employers and pre-fill all the required forms for them. We also assist our students throughout the whole process so we answer all their questions regarding housing, life in the U.S., banking, taxes, SSN etc. This way both parties can enjoy the benefits and let us take care of the hassle.

Benefits of J1 Exchange program:

HIRE ENTHUSIASTIC AND EXPERIENCED INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS WITH EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS who are willing to work on entry-level positions in exchange to gain valuable experience that enhances their Resumes. All applicants are fluent in English.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON SCREENING PROCESS - the Sponsor Agency, third party agency and the US Embassy will do the pre-screening and eligibility test on three levels (Sufficient English test, Program eligibility test, Background check).

OUR SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE. We save money for host employers and our fee is paid by the exchange students, not host employers.

GAIN COMMITTED WORKFORCE for up to 12 months. Exchange students are obligated to stay with their host employer and in case they leave the job – they lose their visa.

SAVE ON PAYROLL COSTS – Exchange students are not subject to benefits and withholdings as Medicare or Social Security Tax and do not count as full-time employees according to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Why should you cooperate with us?

WE PREPARE ALL THE PAPERWORK and guide host employers through the process. All they are required to do is to double-check the pre-filled forms and sign them.

OUR LOCAL COORDINATORS ARE AVAILABLE 24/7 to answer any questions our host employers or students might have.

WE HELP STUDENTS WITH HOUSING, CONDUCT AN ORIENTATION, where we explain them where to set up a bank account, receive a SSN, how the transportation system works and help with other matters related to the relocation.

WE ARE AN EXPERIENCED TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS. Our team consists of people with hands-on experience who have been exchange students before and understand the needs of our clients.